WiFi smart switch 1


Switches are made out of the highest quality materials. They are made from ABS and luxury glass crystal.
WiFi switch can be connected to your phone or tablet (Android/IOS) through the Smart Life Application so that you can turn the lighting or some other device on/off from any place on the planet. Touch can also be used to turn the switches on/off. LED background lighting allows you to find the switch in the dark. Mounted WiFi switches can be used to control the lighting, alu-blinds with an electromotor and other electronic devices.
Zidni WiFi prekidači mogu se koristiti za upravljanje
rasvjetom, Alu roletnama sa elektromotorom i drugim
elektricnim aparatima.

Voltage: 100V-250AC
Electricity: 10A (Max)
Power: 2000W
WiFi: 2.4GHz


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